Free educational activities in line with the curriculum.

IMechE’s library of online STEM activities, which can be done at home or in a school environment, encourage children to take part in fun, educational activities.

Take part and share with us your home-learning creations on social media using #STEMatHome and #IMechESTEM or email us.

Downloadable worksheets for each activity and 'how-to' videos can be found below.

Activities and Worksheets

  • Ball Run

    Ball Run

    Teams will design and build their own Ball Run, and put their final creation to the test. Creativity and stability will be key factors. This activity encourages problem solving, perseverance, cooperation and spatial thinking.

    Download the Ball Run worksheet

  • Bridge Bonanza

    Teams will design and create their own bridges using lollipop sticks, bulldog clips and pegs. The goal is to see who’s bridge can withstand the most weight before collapsing. Altering length and position of materials will be key in this make.

    Download the Bridge Bonanza worksheet

  • CD Racer

    CD Racer

    Students will work on their own, or in a team to design and build a CD Racer out of everyday items. The activity teaches Sir Isaac Newton' s laws of motion and theory in a fun and practical way that spans across Key Stages 1-4.

    Download the CD Racer worksheet

  • Catapult


    By combining maths, engineering and science skills, teams will design and build their own Catapult’s and battle it out to see who can launch an object the farthest.

    Download the Catapult worksheet

  • Cork Launcher

    Cork Launcher

    The Cork Launcher activity introduces students to the science behind projectiles in motion. Using everyday materials students will create an alternative type of catapult that works like a slingshot.

    Download the Cork Launcher worksheet

  • Flying Dragon

    Flying Dragon

    The Flying Dragon project is a creative engineering activity that challenges students to build a moving, crank-driven model of a flying dragon.

    Download the Flying Dragon worksheet

  • Hydraulic Propagator

    Hydraulic Propagator

    The Propagator project introduces students to hydraulic systems and their inner workings. Using a few household items and craft materials, students will work in teams, or with help from an adult, to design and build a propagator with a basic hydraulic system that will help them care for their seedlings.

    Download the Hydraulic Propagator worksheet

  • Lighthouse

    Students are tasked to build the tallest, working lighthouse they can using just AA batteries, a bulb &bulb holder, scrap paper, foil and tape. The activity teaches the basics behind designing a free-standing structure and explores the electronics that make lighthouses possible.

    Download the Lighthouse worksheet

  • Lunar Rover

    Lunar Rover

    Teams are challenged to build a functioning rubber band car following the build template provided, or creatively design and build their very own. The rover that travels the furthest distance wins!

    Students will learn about potential and kinetic energy, whilst also considering the relationship between mass, force and torque, and the effect they will have on their final design.

    Download the Lunar Rover worksheet

  • Mechanical Hand

    Students will look at the biomechanical make-up of the human hand and create their own mechanical hand using everyday materials to mimic the movement of joint structure and tendons.

    Download the Mechanical Hand worksheet

  • Paper Manufacturing

    Students will combine recycling with manufacturing to create a unique new product. Using IMechE’s free educational resources and household items, make your own greeting card, notebook or decoration.

    Download the Paper Manufacturing worksheet

  • Tower

    Students are challenged to design, build and produce a freestanding tower structure that is stable enough to support a weight for 10 seconds. Following the engineering design cycle, students will work in teams using limited supplies including lollipop sticks, elastic bands, pegs, bulldog clips and white tac to create their towers.

    Download the Tower worksheet

  • Water Turbine

    We use the energy of falling and flowing water to produce power- from water wheels used to grind grain to modern hydroelectric dams to power cities. Using everyday materials, design and prototype your very own water turbine with the help of IMechE’s free educational resources.

    Download the Water Turbine worksheet