Support for universities

We accredit academic engineering programmes for universities. Accreditation can help you to attract students to your engineering degree programmes.


• Confirms your reputation as a quality education provider
• Raises your profile as we actively promote Accredited degrees
• Lists your degree programme as Accredited on the UCAS website

How we help universities

For universities:

  • Accreditation helps you to attract students to your engineering degree programmes 
  • We can support your students through career events, workshops and presentations

For students:

  • Studying an Accredited degree programme provides the best start to gaining professional registration

For university staff:

  • We help you to become professionally registered

Ready to get your university degree programme Accredited?

If you would like to apply for Accreditation of your university degree programme then we can help you every step of the way.


Degree Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are integrated schemes designed to provide both education and competence-based development to participants. Engineering apprenticeships are designed considering the appropriate competency requirements of the Engineering Council (EngC).
Applicants from apprenticeships which deliver either an undergraduate or post-graduate level academic base are eligible to apply for Membership and registration in with the EngC in the appropriate category. 
However, all applicants for registration at either IEng or CEng must still undergo the Professional Review Interview in order to establish their suitability against the EngC requirements for registration.  Apprenticeship documents may be useful if completing the required Membership and registration application material, but successful completion of the apprenticeship does not automatically ensure success at registration.

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