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Pump Repair and Maintenance

"I am now able to go into meetings with suppliers with a better knowledge of our own systems. I also know what maintenance signs to look out for, when to act for repair and when to look at overhaul. From bp’s point of view, we’ll save money because there will be a reduced need for specialist vendors to go offshore…. I also expect bp to see a return from improved performance of our routine equipment."

Lewis Morrison
Public programme

Consultative Selling

"It’s difficult to correlate precisely with the course but one of my accounts grew by 120% afterwards. I’ve felt able to tackle some of their broader business challenges."

Sam Cott
Public programme

Clean Hydrogen: Technologies, Economics & Growth Pathways

"The course has given me the confidence to provide technical insight in hydrogen applications and its role in the future energy mix. I’d recommend this course to anyone who currently – or in the future – may make use of hydrogen. Or more widely, anyone with an interest in the future of energy."

Tom Coode
Public programme

Hydrogen Storage and Transportation

"A really good introduction into hydrogen’s potential within the energy system… It seems inevitable that Premtech will be awarded some hydrogen projects, so it’s a worthwhile investment.”

Tim Lewis

Mentoring for MPDS

"You’ll learn about how to provide feedback, and so help your mentee produce reports without planting your own ideas in there. As the trainer said, ‘It’s about pulling or drawing ideas out of your mentee rather than suggesting information.’ That’s a really intelligent way to look at it."

Jamie Findler

Energy System in Transition

"The most striking thing was John Massey’s sheer depth of knowledge about energy and that he had so much information at his fingertips. There’s no substitution for that. No matter what question that came up, he could absorb it, give an insightful answer and keep the course on track. As a teacher and an academic, I know how hard that is!"

Dr Philip Howes
Public programme

Railway Vehicle Authorisation Process

"The learnings I have gained which help avoid a delay mean the course will pay for itself. I’d recommend Railway Vehicle Authorisation Process to anybody who’s involved in major new fleet projects or major changes to the railway system."

Stuart Drummond
Public programme

Reliability centred and risk based maintenance (RCM and RBM)

"The trainer, Matthew Laskaj, was great - very down to earth, very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. He really knew his stuff."

Josh Jordan
Public programme

Mentoring Skills

"I was nervous that the training would involve role play, something that I often find awkward and artificial in a training environment. But that didn’t happen, thankfully… It was more practising some of the skills and the exercises were well balanced. I found being on the course allowed me to take a step back and reflect. A lot of what we touched on is transferrable to other scenarios."

Tom Williamson
Public programme

Financial Management

"We covered a vast range of topics – from turnover and balance sheets to income statements and EBITDA. I am still learning and find referencing the course workbook continues to help me with my financial knowledge."

Eleanor Lawton
Public programme

Confident Presenting

"The course has completely opened my eyes to how I communicate, not just when I am presenting but in all areas of life. I can transition the skills I have learned into day-to-day conversations."

Cameron Wilcock
Public programme

Energy in Transition

"This course should be for everybody – it’s that important. If you are not an engineer working in power generation, don’t worry. It touches on all the topics equally. Whatever job function you come from within the energy industry, you will not get bored!"

John Tzagkarakis
Public programme

Asset Management Strategy (V)

"This course gives an engineer a really comprehensive foundation in the elements of an asset management system and asset management in general."

Nick Gill
Public programme

Understanding Intellectual Property for Engineers

"The course has also helped us consider our own IP and clarify who owns what. For example, recently we paid for some technical drawings and, during this course, we realised that due to the IP we didn’t own them."

Adam Bell

Pressure Testing

"We now know how to test our equipment safely and are confident the equipment we produce is safe. We also want to be able to do our own in-house testing in the future. We now have strategies of how to do that."

Paul Worley
Public programme

Commercial Skills

"There was so much covered in just two days. This course is ideal for engineers who haven’t really had the opportunity to work with commercial managers or commercial engineers."

Caitlin Gent
Public programme

New Engineering Manager

"I left this course knowing what would work back in the office, as well as new things I could try. That’s a success. I’d really recommend this course to engineers who are training to become managers."

Stephen Sisman
Public programme

Managing Team and Individual Performance

"The section on assertive behaviour and communication resonated a lot with me. There have been occasions in the past when I’ve held my ideas back due to lack of confidence. When we discussed assertive communication and behaviour style, the trainer gave various examples. They were exactly the type of phrasing and communication I use."

Neel Sandhu
Public programme

Managing Team and Individual Performance

"I’ve done a few courses over the years, in different formats and from various suppliers. The IMechE provides the highest quality I’ve experienced."

Ryan Langdon
Public programme

Managing Engineering Projects

"I am still in the early stages of my career, but the course has made me realise that as an engineer, you do not just focus on technical tasks. You need to understand who all the key stakeholders are and how they move from planning to execution. And it also made me realise I’m very interested in joining major projects, rather than sticking with solely technical tasks."

Karim Khalil

Pipe Stress Analysis

"You could definitely take away what you learned on the IMechE course and apply it to other pipe stress analysis software used in the industry."

Simon Flaherty
Public programme

Asset Management Strategy

"I was really looking forward to the course, very excited. I had wanted to do this course for a long time and I really admire the IMechE. It is an impressive organisation. All the previous courses I had taken were very technical in their content – vibration, hydraulics, pneumatics, that kind of thing. This was about being a manager."

Amer Abdulwahab Saeed

Business Skills for Graduate Engineers

"It was a really healthy refresher for me of best practice and to reflect on how to treat people. We may work in teams but you have to treat people as individuals and, actually, everyone is much happier being treated as individuals."

Dave Eveleigh
Public programme

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

"The course has also spurred me to review my own membership and I am going to apply for Incorporated status. I want to continue in my career, using the training that the IMechE has given me, with the longer-term view of becoming a maintenance manager."

Kieran McKeown
Public programme

APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ)

"I knew from my own research and talking to people in the industry, the IMechE did a lot of really good courses. The course coincided well with what was going on at work."

Peter Tautscher

Senior Engineering Manager

"I’ve always been a believer in training. I am confident in my role and I think I perform well, but I know I can be better. One way to achieve that is via training. When I was looking for a course, I went straight to the IMechE because of its reputation."

Richard Hudson

Writing Effective Business Proposals

"Because the training was tailored to our company, we could kind of interrupt and pause and bring it back to what we do."


Communication and influencing skills

"It’s about mentally giving yourself that push, thinking, ‘yes, I'm going to go and have that conversation now."

Kieran Collingwood
Public Programme

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

"We took it on almost instantly."

Darren Hare
Public Programme

Leadership practice

"You don’t need to feel you have to have leadership experience to do it; everyone’s got situations where they’ve had to lead and can apply it in their own life."

George Sadler
Public Programme

Customer service excellence

"Even though not all our employees are engineers, we tend to be quite technical – I would say we have an engineering mindset. The IMechE trainers understood that; it felt like engineers talking to engineers. Also, their trainers impressed us with the depth they went to, to really understand our company and our culture – it was as if they were an extension of our business."

Atlas Copco

Research and development project management

"Jean was really, really good at mixing us all up and getting us into different groups. When you speak to other people from totally different industries, and you see the problems that they have, it makes the theory a bit more real and puts the learning into context."

Laurence Newman
Public programme

Chartered Manager Bootcamp

"The bootcamp is enlightening. It brings out thoughts in you that you just wouldn’t have had, otherwise. It has helped me become more appreciative of why people act the way they do and that has helped me as a manager..”

Stuart Darney

World class maintenance

“It certainly depended my knowledge in terms of things to consider when selecting a maintenance strategy. I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone, to any of my colleagues.”

Wayne Rowbotham
Public programme

Electrical schematics

“Our Technical Consultant and contract Service Engineers are currently the only electrical biased engineers in our business. Now, I can start helping on drawing or modifying electrical diagrams. I’ll be able to assist colleagues and it will make me a much more effective member of the organisation.”

Ashvinder Kalsi
Public programme

Electrical principles

“In the past, when someone mentioned a holding relay or a latching relay, I was struggling. So, I didn’t want a course where I found myself drowning in electrical jargon. This course was at just the right level, though. So, terms like holding or latching relays make sense now. It’s given me a confidence that I didn’t have before.”

Ashvinder Kalsi
Public programme

Geometric dimensioning & tolerancing

“The course has made a difference in the way we do things and where we are doing our quality checks. We have more people in the team we can devote to quality.”

Lucy Weedon
Public programme

Pump systems

“My main learning for me was that, when there is a problem, it’s very rarely the pump. By that, I mean that much of the course was about losses in pumps and people will always blame the pump... So it’s not the pumps, it’s the people!”

Edward Cook
Public programme

Preparing engineering specifications

“I think it’s fair to say that the learning transcends into many areas. The concepts of clear sentences and unambiguous terminology have been incredibly useful in many areas of my work.”

Carl Baxendell
Public programme

Geometric dimensioning & tolerancing

“Dave Masson had spent so long in industry at so many different companies with so many different products; he really does know the subject. This meant that the sometimes-abstract concepts covered in the course could be illustrated with real world examples that brought ideas to life..”

Heather Lamming
Public programme

Design reviews

“We’ve made some tangible changes since attending. The Design Review meetings have a completely different style with attendees from across Fulwood Packo, not just engineering, and there is a big emphasis on distributing material beforehand.”

Charlie Horsefield
Public programme

Technical report writing

“I could get information down, but the structure was taking so much time and I needed to consider the objectives of the reader a lot more.

My writing is more concise and the whole process is much slicker than before.”

Jacob Holt
Public programme

Six Sigma – Yellow Belt

“So far, the impact has been huge. My directors were delighted! My team has noticed a change in me too. Particularly around the formulation of good problem statements.”

Apeksha Patel
Public programme

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