Engineering excellence requires excellent engineers. Working with many of the world’s leading businesses that employ mechanical engineers, we deliver a variety of services that ultimately help build commercial value.

How professional registration benefits your business

To demonstrate that your business has the capacity to achieve excellence in engineering, you can benchmark employee progress against the independent, industry-recognised standard of professional registration. We believe this will help your engineers and technicians set new standards of excellence in their work.

Professional registration can help your business:

  • Attract and retain the best engineers
  • Gain a competitive advantage in contract bidding and tender processes through extra credibility and reliability
  • Be confident that your engineers have been independently assessed and reviewed by peers
  • Manage risk effectively on an international stage, by demonstrating globally accepted standards of excellence.

Company Based Registration

Company Based Registration (CBR) provides a structured programme and timetable of support for your employees, which makes it easy for you to enable professional registration applications with minimal disruption to your business.

Groups of engineers can come together with all the support and guidance they need as they work through the process. A dedicated Business Development Manager will work in partnership with your business.

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Who we help

Accredited and approved development schemes

We offer a variety of schemes to support your company's engineers as they undertake their Initial Professional Development.

The Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS)

  • We assess and Accredit your company graduate scheme to ensure the right opportunities, mentoring and feedback are in place for your engineers to be able to apply to become a Chartered Engineer (CEng) or an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) after their Initial Professional Development 
  • Regular reporting with feedback is aligned to the five Engineering Council UK-SPEC competence areas

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Supported Registration Scheme (SRS)

  • SRS is a non-accredited company scheme, which can support a developing engineer so they follow a structured development pathway
  • It provides a disciplined and regular reporting framework that’s aligned to the five Engineering Council UK-SPEC competence areas
  • Your engineers find a mentor from within your company, and together they identify the relevant competences covered by their role and the opportunities that they should undertake to prepare for the registration process
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Approved EngTech Apprenticeship Scheme

  • If we Approve your apprenticeship scheme, it should make it easier for your apprentices to register as an Engineering Technician (EngTech) on completion
  • It could help with your recruitment too, as running an Approved scheme shows your commitment to your apprentices’ career development 

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Degree Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are integrated schemes designed to provide both education and competence-based development to participants. Engineering apprenticeships are designed considering the appropriate competency requirements of the Engineering Council (EngC).
Applicants from apprenticeships which deliver either an undergraduate or post-graduate level academic base are eligible to apply for Membership and registration in with the EngC in the appropriate category. 
However, all applicants for registration at either IEng or CEng must still undergo the Professional Review Interview in order to establish their suitability against the EngC requirements for registration.  Apprenticeship documents may be useful if completing the required Membership and registration application material, but successful completion of the apprenticeship does not automatically ensure success at registration.

How we can help with professional development and CPD

Our members receive a range of benefits that keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date. Helping your engineers maintain their professional development will ensure greater job satisfaction, ensure your engineers are aware of the latest developments and create a culture of personal development.

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Maintaining a record of CPD is now a requirement for all engineers and technicians registered with the Engineering Council UK. There is no need for members to duplicate their efforts though and many already keep a record of their professional development with their employer, as part of an appraisal process.

To ensure that the process you have in place as an employer is in line with Engineering Council UK and IMechE standards, you can find the following guidance from the CPD Assessment Committee.

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