Insight into industry

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Insight into Industry aims to increase awareness among teachers, schools and young people of the nature of modern engineering and career opportunities in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Insight into Industry - formerly Teacher Industrial Partners’ Scheme (TIPS) - provides teachers of STEM subjects with an opportunity to spend a two week placements with a STEM employer.

Increasing awareness of modern engineering and the related career opportunities amongst teachers enables them to give good advice about the engineering profession and inspire them to raise the profile of engineering within their schools.

Insight into Industry has been developed by the Institution, and is being delivered in partnership with the IET and the National Science Learning Centre (NSLC). It is enabled through Project ENTHUSE, which provides bursaries for teachers to experience placements with industrial companies.

Teachers who have completed industrial placements report a better understanding of aspects such as the culture of health and safety and the apprenticeship route into engineering. The experience left them confident they could promote engineering within their school and to families.  

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