Innovating Wheelsets 2020:

Maintenance, Sustainability and Value


The railway rolling stock sector is changing rapidly with the introduction of new fleets and new technologies. Several new suppliers have entered the UK market and this combines with an increased interest in innovation, reduced whole life cost and reduced environmental impact. With these trains come technologies and designs new to the UK market – and engineers must be prepared to adapt their practices for wheelsets to conform to new requirements and standards.

As a critical rolling stock component, the effective design and operation of wheelsets is imperative. This seminar brings together representatives from the entire industry to share insights into new trains, associated technologies, and their impact on wheelset requirements. Attendees will learn how they can maintain high standards of safety while improving cost, lifecycle and environmental performance.

From this seminar you will:

  • Recognise effective methods of performance management for a modern wheelset
  • Learn how to better manage wheelset maintenance from practical examples
  • Understand the lifecycle challenges of wheelsets and identify controls and technologies that can provide benefit
Presentations from the event include:

Introduction to low adhesion & quantifying the benefits of sanders
Liam Purcell, Principal Consultant & Team Leader, Intelligent Infrastructure, Ricardo Rail UK
Andrew Lightoller, Principal Mechanical Engineer, DB ESG

Premium rail steels and their influence on wheels
Lindsey Smith, Manager, Rail Technologies, British Steel

GOTCHA data management
Peter Williams, Fleet Data & Performance Manager, Avanti West Coast
Simon Groom, Wheelsets and Components Engineer, Alstom

Use of GOTCHA data in the rail freight industry
Les Bryant, Group Engineering Director, Davis Wagon Services and Engineering Committee Chair, Private Wagon Federation

Wheelset management using accurate real-time information – more life for less work
David Vincent, Chief Technical Officer, Perpetuum Limited

The full recording of this seminar is available for £100.
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