International Conference on Vehicle Aerodynamics 2020


Driven by the need for energy efficiency and legislative requirements for the reduction in carbon dioxide and other emissions, aerodynamics has never been more fundamental in vehicle design.

The International Conference on Vehicle Aerodynamics 2020 includes peer-reviewed presentations on the key issues around aerodynamics. Improve your organisation's management of the customer-centred aspects of vehicle design, including fuel economy, emissions, handling, stability, reduced wind noise and robustness against rain and spray.

Gain a greater understanding of the growing industry presence of autonomous vehicles and its implications for aerodynamic design. Hear about recent developments in wind tunnel test facilities and numerical simulation methods to improve the efficiency of your testing processes.

The 13th International Conference on Vehicle Aerodynamics will cover the latest developments and technologies in aerodynamics, aeroacoustics and aerothermal design, test and development.

During this conference you will:

  • Gain insight into the latest results from unsteady aerodynamic and stability testing to implement lessons learned in your organisation
  • Develop an understanding of the best methods for exterior water management to improve your designs
  • Gain an awareness of advances in test and simulation techniques to enhance your testing and design processes
  • Learn about drag reduction and wake tools and techniques for road cars and commercial vehicles to implement in your organisation
Presentations from the event include:

Current issues in Railway Aerodynamics
Chris Baker, Emeritus Professor of Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education, University of Birmingham

On the separated flow asymmetry of three dimensional asymmetric bluff bodies
Olivier Cadot, Professor,  School of Engineering, University of Liverpool

Aerodynamic Development of the New (2019) Range Rover Evoque
Adrian Gaylard, Technical Specialist, Computational Aerodynamics & WDM, Thermal Aerodynamic Systems Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover

Soiling Pattern Analysis on the Side Mirror Glass for Road Testing
Felix Schilling, Vehicle Aerodynamics and Thermal Management, Universität Stuttgart

Effect of tire modelling on vehicle self-soiling
Tom Linden, Solution Consultant Aerodynamics & Water Management, Dassault Systemes

Aerodynamic development at Aston Martin Lagonda
Darren Coe, Senior Manager Aerodynamics, Aston Martin Lagonda

Efficient Determination of a Vehicle’s Unsteady Aeroacoustic Behaviour
Domenic Staron, Master of Science, FKFS, Stuttgart

Some Observations Regarding Shape Factors Influencing Lift on Passenger Cars
Jeff Howell, Visiting Professor, Loughborough University

Extremum Seeking Control for Drag Reduction of a Truck Trailer 
Peter Rhodes, Fluids and Thermal Engineering Research Group, Nottingham University

Volumetric measurements in the wake of a square-back Ahmed body in crossflow
Adriaan Booysen, MSc Candidate, University of Alberta

60 Years of the MIRA Full-Scale Wind Tunnel
Kevin Chow, Senior Aero-Thermal Engineer, Horiba Mira

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