International EV Batteries 2020

Cost-Effective Engineering for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles


Hear the latest developments in battery design, testing, thermal management, and integration right across the lifecycle of the battery for a more resilient and cost-effective battery.
Hear case studies from applications in passenger car and automotive OEMs as well as from aerospace, military, and heavy duty to see how a variety of sectors are overcoming the challenges in electric vehicle development.

Gain lessons learned from experts from pioneering battery and vehicle manufacturers to testing and safety specialists to implement in your organisation’s battery engineering.

From this conference you will:

  • Find out how specific challenges of integrating EV technology into heavy duty, aerospace and military applications are being managed by leaders in the field
  • Plan for a more cost-effective, stable and energy-dense battery by hearing about state of the art battery cell chemistries and design 
  • Gain insights into the latest battery testing techniques and technologies to ensure an efficient and safe battery
  • Learn best practice for thermal management of batteries to ensure optimal temperatures for safe and efficient operation
Presentations from the event include:

Day 1
Transport decarbonisation: The role of government
Phil Blythe, Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for Transport & Professor of Intelligent Transport Systems, Newcastle University

The UK’s first full cycle gigaplant
Isobel Sheldon, Chief Strategy Officer, Britishvolt

Investing in the development of UK EV batteries
Anna Wise, Head of Battery Technology, Innovate UK

EV batteries: Lithium-ion and beyond
Dave Greenwood, Professor, Advanced Propulsion Systems, Warwick Manufacturing Group

Three reasons why hydrogen will power our electric flights 
Stephen Lawes, Fuel Cell Technical Lead, ZeroAvia

Safety, certification and design of lithium-ion batteries for aerospace
 Limhi Somerville, Head of Energy Storage, Vertical Aerospace

Development of materials formulations and manufacturing processes for solid state batteries
Denis Pasero, Product Commercialisation Manager, Ilika

The key to innovative powertrain virtual design and validation
Olaf Haedrich, Lead Application Engineer, Ansys

Development of hybrid electric vehicles for a military environment
Matt Harvey, Design Engineer, SC Group Global

Day 2

Annual driving range reduction by battery self-discharge during pandemic lockdown
Philippe Gyan, Innovation Pilot Battery System Modelling Research Engineer, Groupe Renault

Fire safety of lithium-ion batteries: Industry challenges vs research contributions
Laura Bravo-Diaz, Research Associate, Imperial College London

How to improve battery thermal management: Examples of immersion cooling and thermal runaway simulations
Cedric Rouaud, Global Technical Expert - Thermal Systems, Ricardo

Integrated structural thermal management for heavy-duty battery applications using Heat Mat Technology
Hussam Jouhara, Professor of Thermal Engineering, Brunel University London

Improving EV efficiency by battery thermal insulation
Christian Rathberger, Senior Manager VTM & KULI Software, Magna Powertrain
Verena Breuers, Project Manager Sustainable Businesses, Evonik

Economics of lithium-ion battery recycling
Anwar Sattar, Lead Engineer in Battery Recycling, Warwick Manufacturing Group

Testing to show the impact of coolant choice on lithium-ion battery life, performance and safety
Peter Miller, Chief Engineer - Battery, Millbrook

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