Vibrations in Rotating Machinery 2020


Since 1976, Vibrations in Rotating Machinery conferences have successfully brought industry and academia together to advance state-of-the-art research in dynamics of rotating machinery.

Join industrial and academic experts from different countries to discuss the challenges in rotordynamics, rub, whirl, instability and more. This is your chance to present your work, hear from contemporary leading researchers, exchange ideas from the field and updates on the latest research findings. 

Whether you are from industry or academia, involved in transport, power, process or manufacturing engineering, VIRM 12 will provide the latest R&D and useful guidance.

Presentations from the event include:

Day 1 

Uncertainties in the calibration process of blade tip timing data against finite element model predictions
Mohamed Elsayed Mohamed, University of Manchester 

An optimal frequency band selection for bearing fault diagnosis based on squared envelope analysis
Lang Xu, Politecnico di Milano 

Vibration monitoring of a large rotor utilizing internet of things based on-shaft MEMS accelerometer with inverse encoder
Ivar Koene, Aalto University

Active chatter suppression in robotic milling using H_∞ control
Runan Zhang, University of Bath

Hybrid crankshaft control: reduction of torsional vibrations and rotational irregularities under non-stationary operation
Guillaume Paillot, Univ Lyon, INSA-Lyon

Vibration behaviour of an 11 kW two¬pole induction motor mounted on elastic steel frame foundation with actuator system
Raimund Wachter, Nuremberg Tech

Rotating machines featuring new rotor topology and internal actuation for vibration mitigation
Gauthier Fieux, University of Bath

Simulation model to investigate effect of support stiffness on dynamic behaviour of a large rotor
Emil Kurvinen, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology

Parametric coupled instabilities of an on-board rotor subject to yaw and pitch with arbitrary frequencies 
Yvon Briend, Univ Lyon, INSA-Lyon
Integration of parameter sensitivity to structural optimization of helicopter rotors for minimum vibration
Muhammed Emre Bilen, Turkish Aerospace

A parametric study into the effect of variability in clearance shape and bump foil stiffness distribution in foil-air bearings
Ibrahim Ghalayini, The University of Manchester

Characteristics of a high speed thin film fluid lubricated bearing
Nicola Bailey, University of Bath

On the analysis of a rotor system subjected to rub using a continuous model
Arthur Guilherme Mereles, University of Campinas

A review of important nonlinear phenomena in rotor vibration
Maurice Adams, Jr., Case Western Reserve University

Influence of thrust bearings in lateral vibrations of turbochargers under axial harmonic excitation
Thales Peixoto, University of Campinas

Cylindrical roller bearing under elastohydrodynamic lubrication with localized defects modelling
Natalia Tsuha, University of Campinas

Nonlinear analysis of hydrodynamic forces for multi-lobe bearings
Carlos Alberto Alves Viana, University of Campinas

Rotor-angular contact ball bearing system study using EHD lubrication and comparison with experimental tests
Laís Carrer, University of Campinas

Improved reduction methodology for rotor-dynamic systems using modified SEREP
Ankush Kapoor, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Optimization of rotating machinery by BESO method
Evandro Carobino, University of Campinas

Modal parameters evaluation of a rolling bearing rotor using operational modal analysis
Tiago Henrique Machado, University of Campinas

Validation of the stochastic response of a rotor with uncertainties in the AMBs
Helio de Castro, University of Campinas

Day 2 

Keynote presentation: Contributions to the simulation and analysis of the Morton effect
Mihai Arghir, Professor, Université de Poitiers, France

Identification of misaligned additive forces and moments of coupling in turbo-generator system integrated with an active magnetic bearing
Siva Srinivas Rangavaihula, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Data combination for a consolidated diagnosis of rotor and bearing faults
Kenisuomo C. Luwei, University of Manchester

Suppression and control of torsional vibrations of the turbo-generator shaft-lines using rotary magneto-rheological dampers 
Tomasz Szolc, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Experimental research on vibration reduction of turbine blades with underplatform dampers under rotating state
Yanan Wu, Zhejiang University

An experimental assessment of torsional and package vibration in an industrial engine-compressor system
Benjamin Halkon, University of Technology Sydney

Mechanical design of rotor-bearing system in a high-speed 20 kW range extender for battery electric vehicles
Heesoo Kim, LUT University

Fast estimation of classical flutter stability of turbine blade by reduced CFD modelling
Ludek Pešek, Institute of Thermomechnanics of the CAS

Effects of unbalance and AMB misalignment in a rigid rotor with an offset disc levitated by active magnetic bearings: a numerical investigation 
Prabhat Kumar, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati 

On the foundation dynamics and the active control of flexible rotors via active magnetic bearings
Thomas Paulsen, Technical University of Denmark

Calculation procedure to derive the threshold of vibration stability of soft mounted induction motors with elastic rotors and sleeve bearings fixed on active motor foot mounts for arbitrary controller structures
Ulrich Werner, Nuremberg Tech, Faculty EFI

Effect of journal bearing preload caused by bearing-housing interference fit on nonlinear vibration of a flexible rotor supported by a journal bearing
Nuntaphong Koondilogpiboon, Nagoya University

Experimental investigation on the static and dynamic characteristics of partially textured journal bearings
Hiroo Taura, Nagaoka University of Technology

Analytical study of rotordynamic behaviour and rolling element bearing transient response in a high-speed race transmission
Brett Friskney, Loughborough University

Digital twin of induction motors for torsional vibration analysis of electrical drive trains
Timo Holopainen, ABB Motors and Generators

Rotor dynamics analysis of different bearing system configurations for a 30 kW high-speed turbocompressor
Grzegorz Zywica, Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences

Comparison of different time integration schemes and application to a rotor system with magnetic bearings in MATLAB®
Michael Kreutz, Technical University of Munich

Computational rotordynamics considering shrink fits
Nils Wagner, INTES GmbH

Identification of frame dynamics of vertically oriented high-speed steam generator using model update procedure for reduced-order model
Eerik Sikanen, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology

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