Library charges

Photocopies by post and library scans

Institution of Mechanical Engineers publications

Members £9 + VAT (£10.80 incl VAT)
Non-members £15 + VAT (£18 incl VAT)

Non-Institution of Mechanical Engineers publications

Non-commercial £9 + VAT (£10.80 incl VAT)
Commercial £21 + VAT (£25.20 incl VAT)

Institution of Mechanical Engineers seminars

Members  £35 (no VAT applied)
Non-members £45 (no VAT applied)

Copies for visitors in person

Non-commercial 5p per page (no VAT applied)
Commercial £12.30 + VAT (£14.76 incl VAT)
* Copies from Institution publications classed at the non-commercial rate. For non-commercial copies users no longer need to complete a declaration form for self-copying. For commercial copies the Copyright Licensing Agency sticker scheme forms will be issued and must be completed.

Walk-in computer terminal print outs

Members  Free
Non-members 30p per page (no VAT applied)

Inter-library loans and document supply


Loan  £17
24-hour dispatch loan £30
Lost item £156.50


Article copy Secure Electronic Delivery PDF (non-commercial) £15
Article copy Secure Electronic Delivery PDF (commercial)  £26
 24-hour article copy Secure Electronic Delivery PDF (non-commercial)   £21
24-hour article copy Secure Electronic Delivery PDF (commercial)

Model forms (no VAT applied)

MF/1 £70
MF/2 £60
MF/2 Commentary £45
MF/3 £35
MF/4 Commentary £20

Dispute resolution

Adjudication £250 + VAT (£300 incl VAT)
Arbitration £250 + VAT (£300 incl VAT)
Expert determination £250 + VAT (£300 incl VAT)

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