Arnold Gad-Briggs FIMechE

Arnold Gad-Briggs is an accomplished engineer, entrepreneur and business owner.


Through an engineering career spanning over 15 years, Arnold has achieved many successes. The son of a doctor who adored tinkering, there are key moments of his childhood that inspired him to become an engineer.

“My dad tried to get me into medicine, but I was keener on taking things apart and putting them together to see if they still worked. Even as early as ten, I was building communication systems. I’ve always marvelled at people who have come up with ideas and made them a reality.”

What are your career highlights?

Passionate about sustainability, and the reduction of our dependency on fossil fuels, Arnold and his team at EGB Engineering work to create solutions for a low-carbon and net zero environment, constantly looking at novel ways to adapt new technologies. His career has taken him the length and breadth of the industry, and there have been many highlights.

“I’ve been lucky to be involved in some of the most ground-breaking projects that are at the peak of science and engineering and technology. Working in aerospace, you get to be involved with new projects that are being developed and tested. Working within nuclear, you get to be part of realising new projects that are still in conception, for instance, nuclear fusion. It is also the case with energy, where you harness expertise to bring about new systems. Working with the best engineers, scientists, technologists, academics and business leaders on different projects in these sectors have been career highlights.”

What is the importance of becoming a Fellow?

Arnold is proud to have his academic achievements and contributions to the industry recognised by IMechE. His experience has led him becoming involved in activities to inspire the next generation of engineers. Reflecting on his career and Fellowship, he feels that he owes his success to the importance he places on leadership.

“Leadership is an important aspect to being a Fellow. Your ability to lead is crucial – it requires a lot of trust as well as technical capability. Having a good team that you can depend on is equally as important, and for that, we need the next generation of engineers to be inspired by the work that we are doing. This requires continuous engagement of the young members of society.”

Arnold also highlights the importance of having a flexible and resilient mindset. As engineering is the most diverse industry in the world, a healthy sense of curiosity will also prove to be invaluable.

“Engineering is about being curious. Being an all-rounder is something I would advise the next generation of engineers coming through.”

What is the key to becoming an entrepreneur?

Technically minded with a keen interest in business, Arnold founded EGB Engineering in 2011, showing that being an engineer and an entrepreneur is something that can be achieved.

“If you find that you can do things better than what is currently available out there, to make not only a technological leap but also a sound business case, then you demonstrate the capabilities of entrepreneurship. The whole idea of being an entrepreneur is being an all-rounder, being able to get the best out of either yourself and your team and being able to deliver on the whole front.”

Passion, resilience, flexibility, curiosity… qualities not only of an engineer, of an entrepreneur – they are at the very heart of the engineering industry itself.

“If you are keen to make a difference in the world,” Arnold says, “that spurs you on.”

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    Name: Arnold Gad-Briggs

    Role: Founder, Executive Director, EGB Engineering


    • 2005: BSc Business Information Systems & Computing (University of Derby)

    • 2011: MSc (Eng) Mechanical Engineering - Thermal Power (Cranfield University)

    • 2017: PhD Nuclear Engineering (Cranfield University).

    Career history:

    • 2005-2010: Civil and military aerospace engine programmes in the UK and Germany

    • 2011 - present: Head of EGB Engineering with market focus on aerospace, defence, energy and nuclear.

    Interests outside engineering:

    Mountaineering, endurance running, football, basketball, golfing and cycling. I also enjoy family time, reading, gardening, fixing cars/machines or anything around the house and participating in charity events.

    Proudest moments:

    • Birth of my kids
    • Seeing the A400M take off for the first time.