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Technology for Fun is a series of engineering-related activities offering a range of simple and creative ideas for various age groups.

Technology for Fun resources are well-structured and supplied with notes allowing them to be used by any engineer or teacher.

We run train-the-trainer sessions in some parts of the UK, based on the fan boat activity. Feedback, received from students, teachers and STEM Ambassadors alike, endorses how simple and easy yet interesting these activities are to put into practice..

“Absolutely brilliant! The children's squeals of delight when they launched their boats was a moment not to be missed. The children said they had 'the best day ever'. They were talking about streamlining and modifying their models and were obviously gripped by the experience.”   

Class packs are available. These can be re-used to save on costs; match the number of class packs to your budget and pass them around between teachers/engineers.


Caroline Alliston, founder of Technology for Fun is a Cambridge  graduate, Fellow of the Institution and technical author with 24 years’ experience in industry. In 2015, Caroline received the Alastair Graham Bryce Award from the IMechE for her "significant contributions inspiring and encouraging children towards a career in engineering". In 2016, she received the Stephenson Award from the Worshipful Company of Engineers for her success in encouraging young people to study engineering.


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