Supported Registration Scheme (SRS)

SRS allows graduate engineers, sandwich placement students, Engineering Technicians and any of our members – who are not with an organisation accredited for the Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS) – to record their Initial Professional Development.

SRS provides a disciplined and regular reporting framework to record your activities as you work towards professional registration.

You will be able to benchmark your progress – with the help of your mentor – against the Engineering Council's UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC) to determine when you are ready to apply for Chartered or Incorporated Engineer registration.

The records you create will also give you an invaluable resource for compiling your application – you will even be able to import content directly into the application.

How to get started

You should:

  • Become a member at the appropriate grade. If you are a graduate you will first need to be an Associate member. If you are an undergraduate you can register on SRS as an Affiliate member.
  • Find and register an appropriate mentor 
  • Fill in the registration form 
  • Submit your SRS registration form

Then we: 

  • Process your SRS registration form 
  • Confirm your online access 

You can then use Career Developer to plan, report and review your progress toward professional registration.

How do I find a mentor?

Mentors on SRS are not necessarily professionally registered, but they do need to have a thorough understanding of the Engineering Council UK-SPEC competences. Anyone who meets these requirements and is willing to do so can be your mentor.

You can find a mentor in your workplace, socially or through networking at our events or regional activities.

Read about SRS or apply

Need some help?

If you have a question about MPDS, contact our MPDS team.

If you have a question about Initial Professional Development schemes, we'd like to hear from you.